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This is the place where you are set free of secrets you wish you could tell.

All confessions are anonymous since no personal information is collected.

You will also have the option to allow others to reply to your confession. This feature enables others to comment on your deeds.

Lastly, please follow the rules before you post a confession.

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So while we'd like to leave all confessions in its rawest form, pure freedom was never meant to be for everyone.

What a confession is not:

- everyday ranting, complaining, etc.
- asking for advice
- bragging

If your confession contains one of the below, it will be removed:

- lies
- personal information
- confessions not your own
- posting in all capital letters
- something that's not a confession
- non-text
- a reply to another confession.
- asking questions

Basically, just keep it real.

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